About Me


Tyler May is an international bestselling author. Her books have sold through Amazon and hit rankings she once only dreamt about. Humbled beyond words, she credits her loyal readers to her success and will never take that for granted.


Tyler was born and raised in the great state of Michigan, and still happily resides there as a stay at home mom to her three beautiful children. Tyler’s passion for reading came later in life when she found a love in romance novels, more specifically the male/male genre. After drawing inspiration from some wonderful authors and encouragement from friends and family; she penned her first full length novel: Angel of Darkness.


Tyler draws inspiration from the simple things in life and will never take that for granted. Since Tyler is a LBGT author, she has three hopes when a reader picks up her book(s): She hopes that her books will teach tolerance and equality. She hopes to convey the truth behind the infamous saying, “love is love.” She hopes that her books are more than a story―that they’re a journey with an important message.

Tyler’s favorite quote and something she always has tucked in the back of her mind as she writes her fictions:

picasso quote