Levi“Nothing looks sexier on a man then the confidence he wears proudly.”−Levi

Levi Martinez wears confidence like gold.

He’s sweet. He’s funny. He’s the best friend everyone wants. He is downright fabulous!

But Levi hides an unbearable scar under the thick shield of confidence, and he will do anything to make sure that scar doesn’t resurface. Will witnessing his lover’s attempted suicide bring him to a breaking point?

Levi preoccupies his time, mind, and heart with a new mission…. To make Jeff proud of the man he is.

Jeffery Harris is in denial. He’s never said to anyone those two words that will make him accept himself− I’m gay. Jeff finds comfort and respect in Levi’s confidence. As they bond over circumstance, they find truth in one another. Levi bears all to Jeff, and Levi helps Jeff see what a wonderful world his life could be if he just accepts himself.

Two men from two very different worlds will not only teach each other, they will help each other more than they ever thought.

Through the testimonies and the sentencing of the men that tried to hurt his best friend, Levi stands close to Greyson. Greyson will always take priority, but will Levi in Greyson’s life?

A journey that will take you from the end and through the epilogue of Silver & Black. More answers will emerge. More secrets revealed, and the revelations will be hard.

Levi is strong for Greyson, but inside he’s breaking. As much as Greyson wants to be the man to help his friend put the pieces back together, Jeff will be the only one that can do that.

Giving new meaning to opposites attract… Levi will open your heart and mind.

“Stereotyping is a plague, and there’s only one cure for it−Tolerance.”−Levi


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