a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.

No one can see it, but it’s there.

You can hide, but the Struggle will always find you.

Dr. Ryan Jacobs fights the Struggle daily, but no one can see it. It’s a mask of deception he’s worn for years. He’s fought and lost until one option was the only choice.

Jayson Anderson has overcome a different Struggle. He’s thrived and fulfilled every aspect of his life. Letting his personal Struggle win was never an option.

In order to cope with the Struggle he faces, Ryan has built a force field around his heart that no one has ever broken. However, when a business venture brings Jayson into Ryan’s life, he is forced to question his isolation. Can Jayson be the force that breaks down those barriers, the one man that will help Ryan beat his Struggle once and for all?

It’s real, The Struggle, and you only have two choices: let it beat you or die trying.


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Struggle may contain a subject matter that is sensitive to some readers.

Struggle, book one of three in The Change Series, is intended for mature
readers 18 and over, due to strong sexual content and language.