I’m excited to share the cover of my new story, My-Not-So-Secret-Life: Welcome to Willow Woods. These books are going to be different. They’ll follow the people of Willow Woods and how their lives all work together. You’ll see how gay men adjust and how some don’t in a small southern town. The first couple will be Ian Brant and Reid Mason(he is the cover and the pov of the story). I hope to have an official date soon, but in the mean time I couldn’t wait to share the cover.
Blurb(may change):
My-Not-So-Secret-Life follows the lives of five friends. Together since childhood, the now thirty-something’s will continue their journey through life. Will they be able to hold each other’s hands when secrets, lies, and history come creeping back from the past?
Welcome to Willow Woods. A place where tradition builds the foundation of your home. Where your neighbors are your friends, and your friends your family. It’s a simple place with big dreams. Nothing changes in Willow Woods, or so they liked you to think, but some things are not so secret, though.
Reid Mason longed for change, to see what life outside of Willow Woods had to offer. He tried to leave the rustic town, but circumstance brought him home again. When Daniel, his best friend, called for his help, Reid ventured back to the time capsule of his youth and the four friends he left behind. Now Reid has to learn to pick up the pieces of the life he left to start over in the place he began. When things go from bad to worse, will Reid regret coming back home?
Ian Brant was a lifer in Willow Woods. Born and raised, he was never leaving. Back in high school, Ian was the man everyone wanted to be. He was popular, friendly, and had a picture-perfect girlfriend. He found shelter in his friends to hide from his parents and the unstable life they created. From the outside, Ian was a staple for the perfect man, but on the inside he carried a secret. A secret that would change the foundation of his home and life.
When Ian signed on to do a remodel on Reid’s family home, the reconstruction goes much deeper than the four walls of the Mason’s farmhouse. Will their lives ever be the same?
Secrets and Change are coming to the old town of Willow Woods. Will they be ready?

My-Not-So-Secret-Life is a gay erotic romance series and is intended for mature readers 18 and over.

My-Not-So-Secret-Life Series