It’s going to be a busy year for me. I have several releases due out in the coming year. I am very excited to continue my boys journey and introduce you to several other ones that I hope you fall just in love with. I know many of you are waiting for Silver & Grey, Billy & Cash, Zander & Christian and lets not forget Levi & Jeff. Believe me, I’m just as excited as you, but there are a few other men in my life that are waiting to come out.


Andrew Blackburn and Ford O’Brian….. will be steaming the pages of The Blackburn in an original story about a “Playboy” style enterprise. It promises to be hot and keep you intrigued the entire length of the book.  I’ve been asked about whether or not this is a stand alone and the answer is YES. Even if there is a series connection, it will be able to stand on it’s own.


Jayson Anderson and Dr. Ryan Jacobs….. in Struggle. This will be a series of at LEAST two books. This book is not my ordinary love story, although there will be lots of that. This story will touch on a very sensitive issue and bring to light what I hope is awareness of domestic abuse in the LGBT community.

Ian Brant and Reid Mason…. In My-Not-So-Secret-Life

This will be a series following the lives of several people in Willow Woods. Starts out with them. Ian is hired to remodel his childhood friends home, unaware he will remodel his life.  ***cover for this series will potentially change***

I hope you love these men!! But do not worry….. your favorites will all come too 😉