I haven’t updated in some time and I do apologize for that. My life, my family, has been flipped all around since November 1, 2016.

Years ago, I lost My parents and in 2011, I lost my twin sister. My older sister is the only one in my birth family I have left. On November 1, she and my nine year old nephew was in a terrible care accident. My sister is healing and will continue to heal, but my nephew is still in a coma and the doctors aren’t sure what will happen. He thankfully is breathing on his own, but he did suffer a traumatic brain injury. We’re praying and hopeful he will recover and are ready for a fight as hard as it may be.

I’ve learned that prayer, hope, and love are the only things we need. As Christmas approaches, I’m finding it hard to “carry on as normal”. Santa is shopping, wrapping, and decorating; yet, my nephew and my sister are still in the hospital. Doesn’t seem right.

I came to realize that there might be a new normal that we all might have to get adjusted to and letting my emotions run wild isn’t going to help at all.

So this Christmas, please remember to love the ones your with. Put aside petty differences. Stop worrying over the small stuff and enjoy the people you have around you.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you to all that have prayed for my family and to those that have held my hand(virtually). I’ll never forget it. Much love to all of you.

Here’s hoping that 2017 is better.


Love to all of you,