Open letter to Chance Carter and The Diamonds from a former Diamond.


Note from Tyler May: Let me first say, everything I’m going to say in this blog post is gathered by witness portrayal and opinion. Like everything I’ve ever discussed in my blog, it is my personal opinion. The letter is written by a former member with my help. I’m simply an avenue to get it public. Thank you for sharing this with us. PS: Yes, I added pics for flash 😉


It’s been over a week since Chance Carter was removed from Amazon for breach of contract and violating their services. His group, Chance Carter Diamond group, has been a mecca for his followers for over a year. The group is 4000+ women strong. That is important to understand. ALL, at least by profile name and picture, are women. Before his removal, the group seemed to be active with daily “love chats” where the women listened to Chance talk about anything and everything for close to an hour.

The last few “love chats” has been him pleading with his followers to email Amazon for reinstatement of his books, blaming other authors for his removal and a bunch of “not me” innuendos. He has failed to yet take any responsibility for his actions or part in his removal. His finger pointing is long and claims a bit repetitive. This is what made me search for more answers.


With the “not me” juvenile stance he was standing by, I went to twitter, social media, and amazon with an open mind to do my own research. And I can say with 100% certainty that Chance did violate Amazon. He was wrong and the fact that he is so blatantly lying to us hurts. I trusted this man. He made me feel special. He gave me attention no other man ever did. I’m sick to my stomach knowing now it was all for his gain. I can’t help but wonder if he got off on our devotion.

Since he’s left our group high and dry, I’m left with so many more questions. He hasn’t even been a man and stepped up to address the matter with us. He said we were friends, sometimes family. We were HIS group, loyal and true. But he’s gone, unwilling to face the mistakes like a true person. I defended him, even reported people who were bad mouthing him. It was what I thought was right at the time because how could a man I fell to trust, even love in a platonic way, do the horrible things these people were saying. I was mindlessly a puppet for him, for his PA.

Not anymore. I’m not using my name because I’m scared of the backlash. The women in his group are very loyal. I’m scared. I’m scared for them because they refuse to see the human side of the person we address as our king diamond.


It breaks my heart to see these women hungry for answers and being ignored. We deserve answers. We deserve the truth. But we’ve so manipulated, even the truth wouldn’t satisfy the women who are 100% loyal. I’ve heard many remarks saying we’re “brainwashed” or the group was a “cult.” I can say, I feel it and I don’t feel safe anymore.

I was always raised that everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the group, we’re not. We either support Chance and believe blindly since he’s unwilling to give us answers or we’re shunned. We can’t question without being attacked. Well, I’m not stupid. I’m an educated woman who believes in truth and proof. Since Chance was unwilling, I had to go find that on my own. I’m glad I did.

Please, Diamonds, you are my friends. I have grown to love you. I want to see you safe. I have not left the group yet only because I’m holding onto hope that the friends I’ve made will see the truth. I want to be there to support them. Please reach out of the group, educate yourself and you’ll see that Chance not only lied but he did do the things these people are saying. Please do this. But most of all, be safe. Don’t be puppets.


Thank you for your time

S. S.


Okay, that is the end of her letter. I did help with some phrasing and structure but left it close enough to her original. For her safety, I am keeping it anonymous until she makes the choice to claim it. Being scared is a terrible place to be. It’s very much an abusive mentality, and personally, I hate seeing this happen.

I wrote a book about a man who was abused by his husband. I have several true accounts in the book, and although this case is much different it has the same abusive mannerisms. Mental and emotional abuse (manipulation) is sometimes worse than a fist coming at you. I’ve often been told bruises and scratches heal, but the words and actions say in the mind torturing them.

This isn’t right. This shouldn’t be happening in 2018. Women shouldn’t be calling a man king, nor should they feel that he is the only one who treats them human.

Here are four signs that you’re being manipulated. Then you can take from it what you’d like.

  1. They try to confuse you with their “expert knowledge.”
  2. They to pressure you into making decisions.
  3. They guilty you into doing things for them. Use their power to do this.
  4. They get angry, ignore or emotionally hurt you.

This is not to rattle the already unstable waters of #tiffanygate. It is hopefully to help people realize what Chance’s silence is doing to these women.

I, as a woman, am very disgusted by this. I want nothing more than to see strong, independent women who doesn’t need a man to tell them what to do.

Be strong.

Be brave.


Much love,

Tyler May