Do you believe in signs from your loved ones that have passed on? I never really did, that is until I lost my mom, dad, and my twin. Since then, I not only believe, but have experienced them.


You might wonder what this is, and it’s an obvious earring. This was the last gift my twin sister gave me before she passed away. She bought herself a pair and then gave one to me. When she passed away, I felt it only right that I wear them to the funeral. At the end of the service and as we said our final goodbye to her, I leaned down into the coffin and kisses her cheek. I whispered my message to her and left her to be laid to rest.


After the wake when I went home. I went to change from the dress and clothing. I wanted to put up the earrings so I wouldn’t lose them. I looked into the mirror and was only wearing one earring. I instantly started to cry and a panic came over me. I went everywhere retracting my steps of the day: including the cemetery, funeral home, church, and anywhere I could remember being. My husband and kids tore apart my car looking for it. It was gone. I know it was only an earring, but it meant so much more to me.

I remember in detail sitting on the couch and crying. My daughter, who was only ten at the time, sat down next to me. The wise soul told me, ” You and Aunt Deborah were a pair.” I just looked at her, and she smiled and with the most sincere voice she said, “The earring is with Aunt Deborah. When you kissed her. It stayed with her. Now she has one and you have one.” This was from a ten year old. She had no idea, but she was trying to comfort her momma, and it made sense. I wanted to believe it and I did.


Months later, after the shock went away. My life returned to the new normal. My husband had returned to work, my kids were back in school, and it left me, only me. I drove to the cemetery to visit. I stayed for close to a half hour and when I got back into my car, the earring was hooked on my seat. It was there shinning in the sun, silver and bright. I had checked that car, sat in that seat, and it WAS NOT THERE. Not at that time, but it was now. I was so shaken I couldn’t even drive. I just sat there holding this earring that I had lost months before. I’m certain with 100% that, that earring was NOT there. I believe she put it there as a sign to carry on. It was then I had a mission in mind. I wanted to make sure that the same thing that happened to my sister didn’t happen to others. If her story could help one person live, then it was worth it.


I interviewed with the local news and shared her story. I set up a page in honor of those that have lost and survived the battle with blood clots. The journey was sadly incredible. The people I met, the stories I heard, and the mission we accomplished will never be forgotten. It helped me grieve. It helped me believe. Most of all, it gave me hope.


I believe in hope. I believe in love. I believe in them.

I believe that when the person is gone, the soul is alive in the heart of those left behind.

I know this, because I feel this. When my sister died. The moment she died. I felt a piece of me leave. No one believed me, they thought I was just worried because we hadn’t heard from the doctors yet. I knew. I felt it. When the doctors came out and told us. I watched my sister’s fiancé fall to the ground, my older sister just starred, and I told the doctors they should have saved her. She had a blood clot in her lungs. They looked at me and said they don’t have a cause of death. I repeated it. I don’t know how I knew she died from that. I just did. No one had to tell me, she had already whispered her goodbye.

This was in 2011 and each day it gets better. I lost my best friend that day. But I never said goodbye. Not once. Because I believe she is still with me. You don’t need goodbye for that.

Love you all,