Cyber Real had a cover, but it didn’t stick with the theme of the Silver & Black series. I wanted an abstract image and Jay Aheer did her magic.

Look at this cover….. beautiful, right?


I adore this cover and think it fits just perfectly into the Silver & Black Series, but this is a special day.

Why, you might ask?

Because not only did Jay create a beautiful new cover for Cyber Real, but she created the book cover for Titanium.

I am beyond excited for this cover…. it’s gorgeous, no words can speak for it.

If you haven’t met Jay or her work, you’re missing out. Check her out:

My plan was to reveal the image at the end of Cyber Real, but I realized that would be kind of author blackmail to buy the book just to view the image 😉 So, I decided against it.

So without further ado…… Titanium: Book 2 coming Summer 2016.



What do you think? I adore it so much.


Not only did she do the two covers, but she made me my very own professional logos. Jay rocks!