My new magnets 😉 you like?

As many of you know, I decided to leave my publisher and venture on my own. There was a lot that played into this and I, truly, believe I made the right choice. It wasn’t easy. I don’t think any big choice like this should be. I learned a lot from my  publishing house and it gave me a wonderful foundation to build my future with.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions about the whys as to my leaving and I don’t think that’s necessary to say as it was always  a personal decision. What I do know is, I made some wonderful friends. I made some wonderful memories. But most of all…. I made a name for myself.

With that said, I’ve also been asked about publishing through a house or through self-pub. I believe that has to be your choice. No one should make that choice for you. There are some wonderful houses out there. All I can offer is that you do your homework. Weigh the pros and cons and then decide what you feel is best for your career. Do I regret publishing through a house first? No… not one bit. I sincerely enjoyed every minute, for the most part.  It gave me the self-confidence as an author and I needed that.

Whether you decide to do either, what I do suggest is that you find a support system of people(authors, blogger, reviewer, readers) that you can talk to. I’ve been very lucky to have several. They all have supported and helped me make this first step. I’m always willing to help anyone so if you need someone look me up. My point is simple….. Love what you do. Write for you and have faith in yourself then you will never be disappointed. There will always be someone waiting to knock you down…. stand up proud and firm to what you believe. I did just that.


Repeat it…. I can and I will. It has been my motto since all this happened and I have to say, I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I had some people say I couldn’t do it or some downright laugh in my face, but guess what…. I did and I’ll do more. 😉 I have learned some things in this process some that were horrible, but again… I’m keeping faith. In a world where people cheat and deceive, I choose to play fair and help. I will not stoop to levels beneath me when I do, then I know my time as an author is done. Because then it’s not enjoyable anymore…. and isn’t that what we want?  I know I do. I stand proud of the things I did and it saddens me to see something happening but I know deep down what the truth is. It’s not fun being the topic of conversation when you can’t defend yourself…. but I’ve learned that you can let it bring you down or move along. I’m doing just that.

Okay, so enough of that…. now something fun. Lets talk boys 😉


More specifically, my boys…..what’s going on with these men in my books. Let me catch you up.

All my rights have been reverted back to me….. so this is wonderful news for my men.

Zander, Christian, and Billy

Angel of Darkness is back up on Amazon and KU with a pretty new cover designed by the fabulous Jay Aheer.  Like?


Also, the audio is COMPLETE and is just waiting for Audiable to load. I’m looking forward to bringing them to your ears soon. 🙂

New Year’s Dream is also back  and with a pretty new cover, probably MY FAVORITE.

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Audio is in the works for this one as well…. and both print copies should be done shortly.

So, with all this…. I have been really craving my vampires.  I really need to finish their story because it’s on my mind ALL THE TIME. Dark Regret is tugging on my heart. I’ve played with idea of the ending because honestly…. my plan was to leave a cliffhanger, but knowing the M/M genre… I went a different direction with it(it’s not a cliffhanger but it will make you want more, need more). The ending is already written now I need to finish the middle 😉  I am completely in love with series. You have no idea! I believe if you guys can make it through the curveballs I’ll be tossing your way, and there will be, you will no doubt love what I have planned for all of them. And honestly, none of you will believe the way this will play out. Excited? I know I am.

Lets see that Dark Regret cover just for the hell of it 😉 There are hints to coming events in this cover, but you’d have to look closely. I don’t have a wrap yet, mostly because I can’t write the blurb without giving stuff away UGH, lol….but will soon.



Silver & Black… Levi & Jeff:

Silver & Black is also back up and working on the wrap for that one to go to print. It’s on audio RIGHT NOW 🙂 go get it ❤ Titanium will be on my agenda very soon. I know there are people patiently waiting. And I can’t thank you enough. I know it’s been hell for everyone, but this year has been a very trying one for me. Thankfully, life is evening out.

Cyber Real is almost ready…. like soon, very soon. I’ve really enjoyed bring Levi to life and I think you’ll be happy with questions answered since the ending of S&B.

Mocha’s Help…….

This was a short story I originally wrote for an anthology. I released it and got great feed back, but most everyone wanted more. I’m holding this one to give you just that. More story…. I will extend this into a full length novel. Plot driven and hopefully you’ll like it.

I have many WIPS in mind and know I must focus on one at a time. Right now, it’s Cyber Real and Struggle. I have to finish these and get them out and then I’ll focus on the others at hand.

I don’t know if other authors have this issue but I do. I constantly have stories, couples, plots, and ideas popping in my head. It’s literally like Author ADD. lol and I suffer strongly. It’s been a challenge to get it under control.


I wanted to thank you all for standing by me through everything. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year between career, health, and family….. but you all have stood strong and helped me. For that, I’m so grateful to have such devoted book friends. Thank you, a million times over.

I look forward to seeing what you all think of my new books when they release. Thank you….

Happy Easter. Blessings to all of you.