I find inspiration in many things as I write. I find myself soaking up ideas in the weirdest places. When Undying came to me, I knew I had to write this story. Because of the subject I knew I had to make it good and I knew I had to make it raw. I have found myself listening to the same songs as I wrote this short and I wanted to share with you a few songs from the playlist for Undying.



Casey Morris captured life and it’s beauty through his photography. He’s finally made a name for himself after struggling the way any artist would. His partner since high school, Adam Brown, was by his side the entire time, but now, they face a new struggle. A struggle neither of them ever expected: Breast cancer. Normally categorized as a women’s disease, Adam and Casey find out the hard way men carry the same chance of acquiring it.

After receiving the devastating news, Casey and Adam live life as normally as they can, but there’s one thing they can’t forget: Casey only has a few months to live. Casey begins to document his journey, his fight, in his photography…. The images are raw and real, but there are missing photos he needs to complete before his last breath.

Will he complete his virtual bucket list with Adam’s help?

Casey leaves Adam a legacy and one mission…Will Adam have the strength to carry on Casey’s Undying love?

His love was Undying…. His mission was clear.

How would you spend your last moments with the person you loved?


First, a little about the story. I debated on the length of this story and I’m still revamping as I prepare to let it go live on Amazon. I want the message to come across and not bury it in sexy and in the same breathe I want to convey how in love these men are and how they handle their last moments together. This will be a novella and I know some don’t like stories under a certain page count, but this story will pack a raw punch and I’m hoping some will give it a chance no matter the page count.


Breast Cancer in men is subject rarely talked about, but it’s as real as the men getting it. I’ve found some very important information and help from the people at http://www.cancer.org  if you get a chance check them out. I have some surprises when it comes to that coming up.

Second, This story will incorporate something I’ve never done before and that will be a story in pictures. I’m excited to see how this goes over. 🙂

I just hope you love Casey and Adam as much as I did…….


The first song is that of this video…. Our biggest love. I really felt this song which is rare for stock music on sites like this, but I can listen to this over and over.

The next song is: Troye Sivan’s Youth……Casey and Adam have been together since they were young so this song is fitting.


Sticking with Troye….. Happy Little Pill. Which will have meaning in the story.


Last I’ll share is Ed Sheeran’s Photograph


I love this story….. I love these men…. I love this message…. it will not be easy to put this out. I’ve held it for so long, scared. But I think it’s time. Watch for an official release date soon. ❤

Love to all of you,


Ribbon Awareness