DISCLAIMER: Key word: Personal. This is MY blog and MY feelings. Anything expressed in this post is because of my PERSONAL experience and might not reflect the opinion(s) of others that happily publish through indie presses. When you’re reading, please take that into account. The ONLY reason I am giving my personal experience in this post is because I feel its important to hear someone’s experience so that others can learn. Like anything, I ask that you do your homework and not take my personal experience as gold. If no one spoke out, there would be NO change in the world. I’m choosing to use my experience as a stepping stone, not only for myself, but for others that might be in the same boat.


Publishing a book should be a joyous and exciting adventure. There’s nothing like feeling the pride when you finish a book. You poured your heart and soul into this baby and now you’re ready to take the next step. There are many options out there, right now I’m self publishing, but I know that isn’t an option for everyone. I wanted to take some time to share my experience and offer some advice to new authors.

I first published through a publishing house(indie). After many things that went wrong I felt it best to leave, but in my experience and even now, I’ve learned. Here are some minor points. Please consider 🙂

  1. This is your book, your money, your name…. make sure you have a say in what is done with your brand.
  2. Make sure the publishing house has a reputation not only in sale but professionalism. Make sure they treat each other equal and not favor some over the others. This was a huge problem.
  3. Make sure the people that “run” the publishing house are credible.
  4. Ask around to other authors that have published in the house. Ask their opinion and take it into consideration. What you choose to do with it is your choice. There are also forums on the internet that will let you know how other authors were treated.
  5. Check the in house authors Facebook and see how they interact. Are they mean girls? Are they kind? Make sure these are people you want to associate with.
  6. Read every line of the contract.
  7. Make sure that the publishing house give you a copy of your sales(PDF from all sale sites). All respected publishing house do this. I’ve asked around and talked to them. So if your publishing house doesn’t, more than likely they’re not good. Wish I would have known this.
  8. This is your job and just because you sign with a person doesn’t mean they’ll support you the way you should be. They’re making a profit off you, you should be respected.
  9. See how they’ve treated ex-authors that have left. I was warned many times, but didn’t want to believe it. 😦 sadly, it was all true.

I have personal feelings on all of these and without going into detail, I sadly was screwed over on many of these. Don’t make the mistakes I did. Protect your brand and your name. Most importantly, love what you do and the people that help you. Hate and bullying will always be there. You have to learn to overcome! Fight!

I expect many backlashes to come in the next few weeks. I hope my readers, friends, and family know me well enough to know, I’m not like they perceive me to be.

If I can help ONE person from making the same mistakes I did and going through the hell I’ve been subject to, then this is all worth it.

I adore all of you. You’ve stood by me through all this drama and I am entirely grateful.

Love to all of you,

Tyler May