This will be an on going snippet of the how it all began with Christian and Zander. This is from Zander’s point of view and may have subject matter for adults only. Readers must be 18 and over. These snippets are unedited and just an ongoing ramble of their love story, and a little bit of Billy, too šŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy. My idea is to update every Weekend. ā¤


One: The Crash.

We happen to be in the right place at the wrong time. If only I had been there two minutes earlier, maybe I could have saved his parents, but the impact had already taken them. In fact, they helped me find him. I sensed their presence and then smelt his. I held him close to my face, listening to him breathe, it was there but very shallow. Cradling him in my arms, I rocked him. I knew he was Thomas.

“Did you call?” I yelled to Billy.

“Yeah, they police, and an ambulance is on their way.” Billy came close, squatting down next to me. He touched Thomas’s chest. “I think he’s dead.”

“He’s not fucking dead.” I pushed his hand away. “He can’t be. I can tell.”

“Why are you so interested in this boy? I thought vampires don’t have a heart.”

I ignored him. He was already a jackass, and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him. Not when Thomas needed me. I laid him down, feathering the hair off of his forehead. Billy watched for the emergency crew. I knew I had to leave when they came. They would question too much. It was then I felt a hand on my shoulder. The light brush, I had felt only a few times before. The touch of an angel, his mother. I waited for them to speak, but they were silent, merely observing the care of their only son. The rush of air over Thomas. I sensed one of them working on him, trying to breathe life back into him. Angels could save, but not that way. They’d learn, eventually.

His breathing halted, completely. The energy around me went dark. Death was waiting for him. I growled. I would not let him slip away, not again. Biting my wrist, I drew the blood out.

“Billy, come here,” I commanded. “Hold open his mouth.”

“What are you doing?”

“He’ll die. I have to give him my blood. I have to save him.”

“Why do you care?”

“Are you heartless, boy? Hold. Open. His. Mouth.” I flared my fangs.


Billy knew how to piss me off. He was going to try every button I had tonight, but he finally listened and held open Thomas’ mouth. I let my blood drip into his mouth, slowly. I advised Billy to close Thomas’ mouth a few times to ensure that the blood was getting swallowed. After several drops, he gasped taking in the night air. He was alive, saved, just as I heard the sounds of the ambulance and police on the road.

I rested him, safely. I waited by the tree, indistinctly, leaving Billy to explain what we had witnessed. I had advised him to tell the police that he pulled him from the wreckage. It was the logical explanation. It’s not like they’d believe a vampire did it.

I listened to them ask Thomas questions. He tried to speak but was completely incoherent and unaware of the events that went on.

“Where is he?” Thomas’ words barely left his mouth.

“Who son?” the EMS man asked.

“The man. He saved me. He gave me his blood.”

The EMS man laughed, “I think you might have hit your head. Let’s get him to the emergency room ASAP.”

Quickly, the rushed Thomas away from the scene while the police and fire department worked to remove his parent’s bodies. They were gone from the scene, as well. I could only assume they went with him, and that was exactly where I would go next.

“I’m coming, Thomas. This time, I will not let you die.”

dark scene with man silhouette in forest at night

To be continued……………………..